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On February 13, 2021, a presentation was held at the office of Dali Logistic Company LLC.

This presentation was held about the activities of the company, about the possibilities and future prospects for the employees [...]

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Meeting to discuss the transport and logistics plan for 2021

On January 29, 2021, a meeting was held at the office of the Union of Professional Consultants of Tajikistan [...]

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The work of Dali Logistics Company during the pandemic

Nowadays the transport and logistic industry is one of the most important functions in globalized world. Since the beginning [...]

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Delivery Methods

Road transportation

This is the most popular form of transportation. A car with the required specifications is selected according to the dimensions, and the amount of cargo. This mode of transport is ideal for the timely delivery of expensive and large-capacity cargo.

Rail transport

This is a delivery method that most companies find affordable. This delivery method ensures that the deadlines are met, and the transportation is controlled from the loading point to the cargo delivery point.

Maritime Transport

This is an effective mode of transport perfect for long distance bulky cargo transport. There are virtually no limitations on the transport of goods by this method, which streamlines the delivery process, making it more profitable, faster and more reliable.

Air freight

This mode of transportation is the fastest and most reliable method of delivery. It is most frequently used when transporting valuable goods. Air delivery minimizes any external factors, ensuring the integrity of the contents and delivery speed.

Multimodal transport (combined transport)

The multimodal (combined) mode of transport is the perfect solution for the delivery of goods that involves the simultaneous use of several modes of transport. There are, however, no restrictions on transport. Depending on the established route, cargo may be delivered to the recipient by sea, air, rail, and road.

Our Services


Our own motor-vehicle fleet

We have our own motor-vehicle fleet, which enables us to operate independently and not to rely on brokers

Comprehensive Services

Customs clearance, certification, delivery of cargo of any complexity

Warehouse complexes

We have warehouses in Tajikistan and the People’s China Republic.
Cargo consolidation, order verification by invoice.
Quality control

Personal manager

Personal manager who speaks three languages: Tajik, Russian and English

How We Work

3 Step Delivery

Application Form

Calculation of transportation costs

Conclusion of a contract

Cargo delivery

Application Form



International and domestic cargo transportation

(+992) 930 990 000

Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Jabbor Rasulov str. 45

Dali Logistics Company LLC carries out import and export freight transportation all over the world.

Our services:

  • International carriage of goods from Europe, the Baltic countries, Asia, and back;
  • International transport of goods from Turkey, Iran, Qatar, UAE, China and back;
  • International shipments from Tajikistan to the CIS countries and back;
  • Transportation rolling stock type: tent 82 – 120m³;
  • Control and preparation of a set of accompanying documents of cargo, completed in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan and international rules of goods transportation, taking into account wishes of  Customer.


  • operative control of motor transport movement;
  • prompt search for transport, taking into account cargo and method of delivery;
  • possibility of transportation of groupage cargoes by one transport and their consolidation at partners’ warehouses in other countries.