About Company

Dali Logistics Company LLC specializes in providing expert international freight forwarding services throughout the entire delivery process. We prepare the cargo for transport, undertake the responsibility for any corresponding documents, accompany the cargo along the route, ensure timely delivery in complete safety and in compliance with the planned route, and notify the customer of the location of the cargo.

Our forwarding services include arranging the cargo for shipping, packing, reloading from one mode of transportation to another, and many other related services.

Dali Logistics Company works with any type of cargo: FTL and LTL, modular, refrigerated, oversized, heavy, container and dangerous. Our drivers and forwarders use the newest technology & equipment and the best communication tools, so you can always get reliable information about the location and status of your cargo.

We guarantee the best combination of time, route and shipping costs for you due to our many years of experience and the high credentials of our employees in the field of forwarding.

Dali LLC Logistic Company’s regular customers are the leading CIS and European businesses whose names serve as the best recommendation on the expertise, quality and reliability of the services provided. We collaborate with over fifty transport companies who are trusted partners in terms of freight safety.

Main directions:

  • EU, CIS countries;
  • Iran, Turkey;
  • South-east and East Asia countries, UAE.

We are happy to cooperate with individuals and legal entities, international companies and government agencies in order to carry out their cargo transportation projects successfully.



International and domestic cargo transportation

(+992) 930 990 000

Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Jabbor Rasulov str. 45