Quality Certificate

Quality Certificate—a certification certifying the quality of the product and its conformity with international and national requirements or other legislative and technological documents. In some countries, this sort of document is called a conformity certificate.

In some states, apart from or in lieu of a certificate of conformity, a mark of conformity is created and a license is given for the use of such mark. A conformity mark is a mark registered for a given country and its certification system in the manner defined, which indicates the compliance of the products marked by it with the specified specifications for those products. A licence to use a conformity mark for a product is a document certifying that the holder of a conformity mark has the right to use that mark to mark the product concerned.

Product certification — is a set of actions verifying the conformity of the actual product specifications to the specifications of international and national standards or other regulatory and technological documents. Other regulations which are stipulated in international standards or certification agreements may be agreed between the supplier and the consumer.



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