Documents required in the process of transit transportation clearance

Transit transportation  – a type of transportation when a freight vehicle travels through one or more countries during the entire delivery time. The transportation of goods from Iran to Tajikistan, crossing Uzbekistan on the way, is an example of this. Such transportation would be considered transit for Uzbekistan.

Transit transport is considered a very complex activity, particularly if the national and international regulatory requirements are not well defined and operational. Failure to comply results in unpleasant financial and legal implications for the supplier:

  • Participation in the transport of domestic carriers (custom brokers or national carriers);
  • Utilization of the local infrastructure. For instance, storing of goods in customs warehouses prior to shipment;
  • Transportation or vehicle changes depending on weather conditions. One example is the Alpine transit traffic where vehicles are transported by rail;
  • It is not possible to accept homeward return cargo in a transit country;
  • Additional paperwork requirements for the transit countries;
  • Inefficiency in the management of logistic operations, resulting in shortages and the need for additional actions. 

Documents required for transit traffic:

  • Bill of Lading (original);
  • Invoice (original);
  • The packing list (original) for containerized cargo containing information about the weight and quantity of the goods, if not indicated in the invoice, and the container number;
  • Help from the statistical office with the GCEO (General Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations) code (a copy);
  • Certificate issued by the tax office with the TIN code (a copy);
  • Power of attorney for the right to forwarding and customs clearance (original);
  • Transport Freight Forwarding Agreement (copy).

Additional documents, such as a certificate of state registration of products, a certificate of origin, a sanitary-epidemiological certificate, a veterinary certificate, etc., may be requested by customs authorities, depending on the cargo.

Any commercial, transport (freight) and (or) customs documents may be submitted to the departure customs bureau as a transit declaration.

In the event of internal customs transit of goods between temporary warehouses, customs warehouses, and in other cases of transport of foreign goods through the customs territory of the Republic of Tajikistan, where such goods are not covered by customs payments, the transit declaration documents used during the internal transit of the goods may be presented as a transit declaration to the customs authority of destination.



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